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Residential Construction

Teardown and rebuild of landed property residences that includes terraces, semi-detached, detached (bungalows) and strata landed houses (cluster housing).

Commercial & Institutional Construction

Erection of new commercial buildings such as shophouses, offices, factories and warehouses. Also include buildings for institutional purposes, such places of worship (temples, mosques).

Addition and Alteration (A&A)

Major physical renovation of existing building structure. Includes structural extensions, conservation works, changes to building facades, construction of staircases, and structural strengthening.


Reinstatement of premises to original condition, typically due to lease agreement covering retail or commercial offices. Usually includes removal of floor finishes, hacking of wall partitions and dismantling of ceiling tops.

Civil Engineering

Maintenance and construction of infrastructure such as roads, driveways, drainage system and landscaping works.

Conservation Works

Undertake restoration works to old buildings in compliance with URA regulations. Preserving heritage and cultural significance.


Creating custom furnitures and fixtures.

At Jinmac, we want to help you build structure that last

Jinmac Pte Ltd is a locally reputable BCA-registered construction company that specialises in building reconstruction and addition & alterations works (A&A).

We are a GB1 General Builder licensed for workheads CW01 General Building at grade B2 and CW02 Civil Engineering at C1 grade.

Our mission is to establish a strong foundation in the construction industry by delivering on our promises to our clients and providing them with a sense of security in entrusting JINMAC to construct a comfortable living or working environment.


Our company employs experienced workers with deep knowledge of modern techniques that will ensure the integrity of all structures we built


We are a certified BizSAFE STAR and Green And Gracious construction company with strong track record of adhering to modern-day building standards.


We have over 20 years in construction industry in Singapore, with wide range of activities, working on building landed houses, factories and A&A works.


What is the difference between Additions & Alterations (A&A) and Reconstruction?

Any proposed works that would increase storey height or change in housing form (semi-detached, terrace, etc) would be considered reconstruction works.

In addition, it would be considered reconstruction works, if the extent of the works involved 50% or more of Gross Floor Area (GFA), External Walls, or Structural Elements (columns, beams, slabs).

Source: URA explanatory note

What are the key parameters to note when renovating a landed residential property?

When renovating a landed residential property, it is important to check if the intended works comply with the development control guidelines such as the required setback of certain building features. You may refer to the URA's illustrated guide.

Or you may consult us here.

Source: URA Handbook

Which renovation works require approval from URA? (For landed property)

Additions and alterations (A&A) to your property require approval if they affect the external facade of the building, or result in an increase of the Gross Floor Area (GFA).

Check if your renovation works are covered under the Planning Permission Exemption List. If they are not, you will need to obtain approval from URA.

Source: URA Guidelines and Procedures

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